The party of health, happiness, and prosperity?

The GOP’s attempt to slap a new label on the same old can of dog food was accelerated Tuesday by House Majority Malaka, Eric Cantor. The weaselly looking pol made a “major” speech wherein he stole lines from old Obama speeches and pretended to give a rat’s ass about the poor:

The House majority will pursue an agenda based on a shared vision
of creating the conditions for health, happiness and prosperity for
more Americans,” Cantor proclaimed. He also read a Thomas Jefferson
quotation on “ameliorating the condition, promoting the virtue, and
advancing the happiness of man.”

Next thing you know Cantor will break into song and do the old soft shoe. I have a pretty good idea just what song he’ll sing:

Perhaps Cantor will try some additional pandering to black voters by covering the Rev. Al Green:

There’s also the possibility that the ferret faced winger will try to curry favor with baby boomers who smoked way too much pot in college, man:

I suppose I should apologize to Athenae for saying that Cantor looks like a ferret. He does, however, remind me of the original ferret face, teevee’s Frank Burns. Now that I think of it, he resembles Rat Fink. Cantor *is* a rat bastard, after all:


3 thoughts on “The party of health, happiness, and prosperity?

  1. Cantor is not soft and cuddly. He is, on the other hand, vicious and wild (and some would say bloodthirsty). Therefore, in my opinion,he is more like a weasel than a ferret. But I agree he reminds me of Maj. Frank Burns.

  2. I read somewhere that his visual timing was off — he smiled at awkward moments — and that maybe he’d been coached to lighten up…difficult when your career’s been built around telling everyone (save the defense contractors) to piss off.
    It is nice to see some of the lamestream media call out this latest “rebranding” for the stale retread it is…Let’s see — they’ve changed the label from kinder/gentler to compassionate conservatism to Tea Party…but inside it’s the same offal…which they don’t really believe in anyway. When circumstances demand it — like, say, when a swing state like Florida has four hurricane hit it in 2004 — they’ll dole out the dollars by the truckfull…

  3. Goes back to Newt Gingrich and the Conservative Lexicon – actually more The Screwtape Letters and Machiavelli.
    Take your opponents words and reuse them. You take something that has a clear meaning and corrupting it to the point that your opponenet can no longer use those words as they mean something entirely different. Or as Screwtape says it you don’t have to beat them, just comporomise them.

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