Keep Cutting Back. The Profit’s In There Somewhere.


The comments section is instructive, so be sure to read all of it before you come back here so I can continue to yell about how giving your customers less when they’re already kind of “meh” on you is INSANE.

Expand, goddammit. Do MORE. And stop thinking that having a web site is enough to lure students in. On a college campus you have total audience turnover every four years. How do you market to those people when you’re now competing not just against other stuff they can read around campus but against the entire Internet as well? How do you raise awareness of your publication? How do you make yourself relevant to them?

And how do you pay for that if you keep cutting down the thing that makes you the money?


2 thoughts on “Keep Cutting Back. The Profit’s In There Somewhere.

  1. Ouch!
    I’m sorry, but my impression is that print editions have a whole lot more ability to include paid advertisements as a way of supporting the paper. Then they go digitial and find that folks are experts at ignoring advertisements on web pages.
    So they go to web pages that block out the web page till you read the commercial, take over a minute to load as you’re waiting for some unwanted script from an ad agency to run and serve up an ad from the agency’s slow server and play a video commercial before every video (seems like in comparing it to TV, getting news from the web is the equivalent of a 1/2 hour TV News that 20 minutes of the time is spent playing ads).
    When I was teaching basic web design, it was extremely clear that if you don’t see what you’re looking for in 15 seconds you will click to the next page. Now there are pages that when you bring them up freeze your computer for a minute or more – can’t even look at another web page as all input is ignored.
    A good example are a lot of the links on which pull up stories from other servers. I’ve gotten so tired of my computer freezing while waiting for those linked web pages, I’ve abandoned clicking on links on CNN. So not only the offending web pages suffer in lost readers and ad revenue, but I’ve also ended up being so aggravated that the “innocent” web pages that don’t freeze your machine loose – guilt by association.

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