This Rope, Tree, Journalist Shit Never Gets Old

AP reporters request concealed carry permit applicants’ info, and get the predictable yet still WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS, JUAREZ OR SOME SHIT?response:

Some online commentators have published the names and addresses of AP reporters in Helena, while another ran a Google Street view photo showing the house owned by one AP newsman here.

One online threat on a blog said, “If only someone could release the names of the AP reporters, where they work, their home addresses, names of family members, where their children go to school and what kind of car they drive with the license plate number.”

Another one said: “We need to track down and publish the names and addresses of AP executives, photographs of their children and the route they take to school.”

Another threat said: “Associate Propaganda – they will know when they see my muzzle flash.”

First of all, they didn’t publish the names and home addresses of concealed carry holders, you mouthbreathers. They only REQUESTED the information. Reporters know all kinds of stuff they don’t publish, in no small part because the home addresses of some Cheeto-eating would-be he-men just aren’t that relevent to any story but the one about unequal distribution of powdered cheese food products locally.

In this particular case it appears the request was intended as a test of the confidentiality of the data in question. If the AP had obtained it and then put the entire database online, that would be another conversation, albeit one that would still involve WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING GOOGLE EARTHING REPORTERS’ HOUSES? What is WRONG with you? Can your worldview really not stand the light of some guy looking over a list, that you have to basically brain a gnat with a frying pan and follow that up with a tactical nuke, here?

You dopey horsefuckers applied for concealed weapons permits, you don’t want people finding out you have them through publication of this information, so you GO ON THE INTERNET AND THREATEN TO SHOOT ‘EM UP? Good plan, bros. Smooth.

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One thought on “This Rope, Tree, Journalist Shit Never Gets Old

  1. It’s funny how these people demand the right to have access to murder machines at all times but information- information if you want information about who can kill you at any moment, YOU DESERVE TO DIE!
    It’s fucking amazing that to these people the right to information on who has a gun is less important than the right to start a fight, lose the fight, and shoot the guy you assaulted.

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