Media Suffering is Not a Real Thing

Hasn’t George Zimmerman suffered enough, being on TV and all?

“He does look like a different guy,” Jarrett remarked. “It looks like he’s put on a hundred pounds. Look, he has been in hiding and he fears for his life, and there have been all kinds of death threats. And, you know, he can’t go anywhere, can’t get out and get exercise.”

“Probably suffering from stress and anxiety,” Guilfoyle added.

“You eat when you’re under stress and pressure and stuff like that,” Jarrett agreed. “So, you know, he’s already been punished to some extent. We’ll wait and see whether a Jury punishes him further.”

What’s going on here is that these TV hairdos, who live their whole lives thinking what they do is on par with walking point in Fallujah because they have to think that to avoid shooting themselves, imagine that being called an asshole on TV is the worst thing that can happen to anyone ever. Therefore, George Zimmerman has been punished to the fullest extent of the only laws they believe themselves to be subject to.

Whatever we may say about the court of public opinion, though, it’s STILL NOT A REAL COURT. And people do still really suffer, and really die, and if Zimmerman is found guilty he will really have to go to real jail. Whether reality exists on TV anymroe is still, thank God, beside the point. Trayvon Martin is really dead, and a real jury will have to figure that out. That’s not some kind of additional burden on a man who’s already been punished. It’s the way the world turns.


5 thoughts on “Media Suffering is Not a Real Thing

  1. Maybe he’s stressed out over the guilt of confronting, and then shooting to death an unarmed man?
    Even if Zimmerman is found not guilty, I think it’s good that he had to prove that he was defending himself. Some people will say it was a waste of time and money, but I’m okay with everyone who shoots an unarmed teenager to death having to prove they had a good reason. Not just the cops taking their word for it.

  2. It is very revealing to see which accused perps the hairdos empathize with and which they do not.

  3. There’s a simple question that always puts this in perspective: would the Fox Fluffs be saying exactly the same thing about Trayvon Martin if the roles had been reversed, if Martin had killed Zimmerman under identical circumstances?
    The answer, of course, is “fuck, no.” They’d be shrieking for Martin’s summary execution. This is nothing more than a very strained exercise in portraying Zimmerman as the only real victim, and the motive is as racist as can be imagined.

  4. What montag said. Also, does the universe love us enough for Zimmerman to go to prison? If anybody ever needed isolation from society, it’s him. I wouldn’t want to be caught walking at night around him, and I’m whiter than he is (albeit female, which means I’m automatically a Lesser Being too).

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