Friday Ferretblogging: Nuclear Ferret Edition

Via Maitri, let’s hear it for Felicia, the Fermilab Ferret! 

In 1971, this ferret played a key role in the construction of particle accelerators at Fermilab’s Meson Laboratory. As sections of vacuum chamber were connected together, Felicia would run through them, dragging a string. After she had carried the string all the way through, researchers would use the line to run a rag doused in cleaning solution through the long, narrow tubes.

I gotta say, reading that? Bucky’s not coming close to earning his keep. 



2 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Nuclear Ferret Edition

  1. Well, some of us have an aptitude for science, and some of us don’t.
    Might be the same with ferrets.

  2. Ferrets were used in the construction industry early in the 20th century. They’d pull a string through conduit or behind walls, which could then be used to pull electrical wiring into position.
    I think since then they voted themselves into a permanent welfare state.

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