Weekend Question Thread: SCORE

Via DB on Facebook, I got a 10 on this important quiz being conducted by, apparently, an extra in an 1800s golf movie:


Granted, it’s been a while since the dirty dancing happened, and I’m not sure on which base this guy thinks “fornication” begins, but I’m using the generous definition, given that I am probably a filthy hellbound sinner no matter what, so might as well up my total.

What do you score?


19 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: SCORE

  1. Lulz! I get 10. Maybe 11 depending on how far back you can count. Which ring of hell is that?

  2. I must lead a very tame, boring life, because I can only claim a few of those sins.
    But, I don’t think this moron really understands that Bible he’s carrying, because I’m pretty sure that there’s no commandment against smoking pot, or against the science of evolution, and since Democrats didn’t exist until almost two millennia after the birth of Christ, I have a hard time figuring out how they came to be condemned to hell. Equally, liberalism is a pretty new concept, and would probably be consistent with at least some of what Jesus prescribed. And, it seems, there were some world-class drunkards among the Old Testament characters.
    What this idiot seems to be saying is that if you’re not a right-wing, crazy, hypocrisy-riddled conservative with shit for brains (hey, I’m talkin’ to you, Inhofe), you’re bound for perdition. Which strikes me as a distinctly political, rather than religious, rant.
    But, the Buddhists, I’m sure, would respond by asking, “what is the sound of two gums flapping?”

  3. Dear Lunatic with the Sandwich Board:
    I have a secret to share with you … no, come closer … closer … EVERY SINGLE PERSON WITH GENITALS MASTURBATES.

  4. Okay, fuck this quiz. It discriminates against men in that you can’t get a perfect score if you are one. Unless you transitioned. Still, fuck this guy.

  5. Eleven, if you go back far enough, but I’m getting older and more sedate in my twilight years.

  6. Boo! I only got a nine! The whole Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, Sodomite Axis can really hurt your score.

  7. I come in at 12. Reminds me of something my dad used to say:
    “Well, I might be going to Hell, but I’ll be so busy shaking hands with my friends that I won’t notice how hot it is!”

  8. Given that GOD has been watching since time begain 6000 years ago, I think that all sins count. So, counting even sins of my childhood, I got 12! Wooo! Go me!

  9. I only hit a nine, but I’m with Jude a bit on the feminist bias here. I also have stuck with Catholicism instead of doing a religion tour in my youth, so that cost me…

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