Thursday Night Music: Private Eyes

New Orleans Jazz Fest promoters took some heat for putting Hall & Oates on the bill. Me, I like their blend of pop, rock, and blue eyed soul. It was also one of the most racially integrated crowds I’ve seen at the Fest in recent years.The crowd was full of middle aged black ladies singing along to tunes like this one:

2 thoughts on “Thursday Night Music: Private Eyes

  1. I’m old enough for Hall & Oates to remind me of my junior high school years. Big-time nostalgia for me. I wasn’t a fan of their later stuff like Private Eyes but “She’s Gone” and “Sara Smile” still kill me. Those songs will live forever.

  2. Have you ever watched “Live From Daryl’s House” on VH1? It’s pretty good. All reruns now but still worth watching. (I can do without Oates.)

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