Jury Bingo: B37

One of the jurors in the Zimmerman case came out of the shadows today. She’s already angling for a book deal and gave an interview to Anderson Cooper at CNN. She should have been stuck but she got through. She gets most of her news from The Today Show. In short, she’s ignorant, uninformed, and damn proud of it. Here’s her voir dire on the YouTube:

UPDATE:B37 is dropping plans to write a book. It helps to have read a book before writing one, but that hasn’t stopped others from doing so…

9 thoughts on “Jury Bingo: B37

  1. A book deal has not been confirmed and last night, apparently, her agent cut her lose.

  2. old lawyer saying: “never put your fate in the hands of 12 people to dumb to get out of being selected for a jury.”

  3. I wondered how she got on a jury considering both she and her husband had and have concealed carry permits. But then, I didn’t see the other jurors. Remember, as bad as she may seem, there may have been some other, more frightening choices. Plus, I did think of the very real possibility that every other member of the panel had concealed carry permits, too.

  4. Unfortunately, our judicial system depends on dumb asses like this woman. She knows nothing, claims to have no opinions, and has no contact with the outside world other than the google. All of which is believable. Add to that, the prosecutors were pathetic with the leading questions they asked her about her silly little life. God help us if this is the best we can do in the name of justice.

  5. “I wondered how she got on a jury considering both she and her husband had and have concealed carry permits.”
    Maybe she’s just the sort of person the prosecution really wanted, hmm?

  6. Remember, one of the easiest ways to get out of jury duty is to be a highly educated professional.
    Another question that the jurors were almost certainly asked is if they had heard of the case. Well, if you haven’t heard of this case, would you be one of the better informed citizens?

  7. BTW – one of the defense lawyers was on a news show this weekend – while the jury was still deliberating At one point he mentioned how much his firm paid in defending Zimmerman and how little they received. Somehow I wonder what they’re doing to make up their deficit (rhetorically speaking).
    Besides the obvious attempt to keep pushing the Zimmerman story, wonder what benefits he’ll see from the trial.

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