You Think I Care About Our Lives Being Easier? The Newsroom Thread


I have this whole thing in my head, where Charlie Skinner was this reporter in Vietnam, and he and Leona had this torrid affair that was mostly about journalism and alcohol and adrenaline, and then they both came home from the war and it was awful, and sometimes I wish Sorkin would make a show about THAT, if only so that we could see this stone FOX on our screens every week.

Dan Rather, on last week:

I’ve been there, every anchor has at one time or another, and trust me: Daniels played this bit perfectly. (I know, I know, you doubt that what you see as [and what may be] overpaid and over-praised anchor-people ever experience anywhere near what many people do in terms of “agony.” So be it. Maybe you’re right. But when you’re in the anchor chair and—rightly or wrongly—you have to face the furnace and take the heat it, sure feels like agony of at least a sort).