PBJ’s Glass Jaw

Chris Christie took a shot at Bobby Jindal at the RNC shebang:

“I am not going to come and call you the stupid party,” he said, according to NBC. “The election is over and we need to move on.”

Some have interpreted that as a dig at Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), who has said multiple times in the months following last year’s elections that the GOPmust stop being the “stupid party.”

I’m glad to see that Governor Fuckhead went after PBJ. The latter does not take criticism well. It makes him petulant and whiny, which is something he has in common with Senator Aqua Buddha. It’s a good strategy for dealing with entitled opponents like these two bozos.

I remain dubious that Christie is a *winning* general election candidate, but he’s the *most* entertaining candidate to come down the pike in a long time. Make that the Jersey Turnpike, bitches.

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