Weekend Question Thread

If you could live in any city other than your own, which would it be?


24 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. adrastos says:

    London but I’d have to be a rich sumbitch to really enjoy it.

  2. Gummo says:

    Boston, San Francisco or Madison.

  3. MichaelF says:

    New York. No question…and if I’m allowed to dream on even more, with enough $$$$ and time to travel wherever whenever.
    And yeah, that’s my lottery fantasy — I don’t regularly play, but sometimes pick up a single ticket when news reports talk about record prizes.

  4. azportsider says:

    Tucson AZ. No desire to leave Arizona, and the best butterflying and birding are in the Sky Islands south and east of Tucson.

  5. Elspeth Ravenwind says:

    If/when my beloved gets the FAA job he’s working on, the reality is most likely San Jose area.

  6. Brooklyn Girl says:

    Paris, London, San Francisco. If the weather were better in Chicago and Boston, I’d choose one of them, too. But there’s no way I’m leaving New York, although I’m inceasingly fond of the outer boroughs (as opposed to Manhattan, which is too fucking crowded now). Unfortunately, all the trust fund cyborgs have recently discovered Brooklyn, which used to be New York’s best kept secret —

  7. aimai says:

    If I’m fantasizing why stop at one city? Like the others I’d keep a pied a terre in San Francisco, London, maybe Paris. I’d stay in New York just in hotels. I already live in Boston so I wouldn’t stay here because the future me is bored and has the money to buy a house somehwere else.

  8. Probably northern California somewhere.

  9. Hobbes says:

    Bordeaux felt like home when I was there. There are so many places I haven’t been yet, though, I don’t really want to commit to one.

  10. Breny says:

    New Orleans.

  11. BlackSheep0ne says:

    So many choices …
    San Antonio, Houston, El Paso, Fort Worth … I’ve visited them all this year, and they’re all so much bluer and livelier than the place I’m stuck now. What I really want, though, is not to live in a city at all. Maybe not even in a *town*. You see, I miss … horses, and skies, and the wind in the tall grass on the open plains … and bluebonnets, and cows, and having a garden without the city telling me my plants are too tall or the wrong kind …

  12. RAM says:

    I like it pretty good right where I am. Besides, I hate moving.

  13. frazer says:

    Paris. Paris, Paris, Paris.
    London’s OK too.

  14. joel hanes says:

    Clear Lake Iowa
    Madison Wisconsin
    Battle Lake Minnesota
    Madison Wisconsin
    Corvallis, Oregon

  15. delagar
    Fayetteville, Arkansas? That seems way outta left field.

  16. Kathy says:


  17. mellowjohn says:

    altra arno in florence.

  18. bill says:

    Amsterdam or Berlin. San Francisco. Cincinnati.

  19. Elspeth Ravenwind says:

    Manhattan, London (or out of town on the rail line), Madrid (a choice little pied a terre furnished with funky bits from the Rastro flea market), Paris (almost ANY arrondissement)… And, of course, NOLA, but not the way I limped by during my brief tenure.
    Then again, a groovy little Texas town between Houston & Austin (used to dream of Smithville or Bastrop, but they’ve been assimilated into the Suburban Borg) would be nice. Except the random little towns are getting consumed by developers… 🙁

  20. iceblue2 says:

    Maybe I’d like finish my days around Saratoga, NY

  21. FeralLiberal says:

    I’m not really a city person, but I’ve enjoyed Madison, WI and San Francisco. Would love to have a place like the FFarm within easy travel to a major city, but the cost would be prohibitive.

  22. Jude says:

    Haliewa. North Shore, bitches!

  23. delagar says:

    If I was rich enough, New York or San Francisco.
    Though Fayetteville, AR is nice. And Madison I hear is wonderful. Also I’ve heard great things about Paris.

  24. Sandman says:

    I’d like to move back to Columbia, MO. Iowa City is also very nice. I’m a midwest college town kind of guy.

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