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  1. My daughter’s cat got his foot stuck in his ear while scratching. She heard an awful wailing and came running to find him rolling about with his foot. stuck. in. his. ear. Like you, I was devastated that she didn’t have the presence of mind to video it.

  2. Long ago a cat I shared responsibility for came in the house wailing…a small lizard, probably one she’d been torturing, had clamped down on her paw and wouldn’t let go. It wasn’t drawing blood or otherwise hurting her — we removed it without too much trouble and the cat went and hid for a bit…
    This was long before cat videos…the “internet” must’ve been little more than Ollie North’s undeleted emails.

  3. My cats do funny shit all the time. Sometimes, I actually can video it, but most of the time I’m not fast enough to catch it. I have two cats that can open the bottom cupboards in the kitchen. Once, the oldest one had the door close on her and she was inside the cupboard and couldn’t get out. I looked all over for her and finally I heard her meow and rescued her. Recently tho, one of them opened the one where I store the plastic bags to take back to the store. She then proceeded to pull out every plastic bag in there and when I came into the kitchen, it was littered with bags, and she was kind of sleeping on them.

  4. A few months back, my sibs and I were just sitting in the family room, minding our business, when all of a sudden, our kitten came tearing through, dragging a big Panera Bread bag behind him. The silly bugger had gotten his head through one of the handles, and he couldn’t figure out how to get it out. It was ridiculously hilarious, particularly since the same exact thing happened all over again a few days ago, this time, with a cloth grocery bag. I don’t have any video of either incident, unfortunately, but I do have pictures of the aftermath of the first one. The poor Panera bag was rent asunder by our silly cat:

  5. one of our cats knocked herself unconscious running full speed into the sideboard of our bed.

  6. I had a black lab mix get stuck in a tree as a kid. It was chasing a squirrel into a dense pine and it climbed about 10 feet high on a dead run before it looked down and figured it was an 80lb. dog with no business being on a thin pine branch. I eventually climbed in after him to calm the dog and we both kind of tumbled out of the tree in solidarity.

  7. An irritating neighbor kid was teasing our dog once and she ran at him, snapped off her rope, and, still trailing the rope, ran around the kid 3 or 4 times till his legs were all tangled, then took off at high speed. He hit the ground pretty hard, and never teased her after that 🙂

  8. Our mixed breed (we think beagle/Corgi) Fanny once found a basket of my father’s freshly laundered shirts and proceeded to eat every single button off every one of them, including collars and cuffs. Didn’t damage a single shirt. My mother was not happy about replacing all those buttons (although she was an excellent seamstress). We never figured out the appeal of shirt buttons, but Mom never left a basket of shirts on the floor again.

  9. When we had a large plate glass window our cat would run at it, in order to chase the birds. He would, of course, slam into the glass. He would then shake his head, look around and do it all over again (and again, and again).

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