The troll meets the drummer

Remember when I posted last month about a confrontation between malakatude hall of famer James O’Keefe and former US Attorney/amateur drummer Jim Letten? You don’t?Here’s a link to that post.

The much ballyhooed video shot by O’Keefe’s band of malakatudinous pranksters is finally online. It’s highly self serving but still makes O’Keefe look like a twat. Letten doesn’t come off much better, but it’s fun to see him blow his stack and throw O’Keefe’s book at him while calling him a hobbit and a spud:

I do wonder, however, what Jim Letten has against potatoes. Maybe it’s an Irish joke or something…

Hat Tip: Jeffrey at the Yellow Blog.

9 thoughts on “The troll meets the drummer

  1. Honestly, Letten handled himself like a champ. O’Keefe was deliberately pushing his buttons and egging him on. You don’t poke an angry shark with a stick and expect not to get bit.
    I would probably have separated the Twerp’s head from his shoulders in half the time Letten took his abuse.

  2. Urban Dictionary lists “spud” as “a boy, especially around ages 13-14, whose balls haven’t dropped yet.”
    Or “a follower of the new wave band Devo.”
    He probably meant the first one.

  3. Of course, the whole world rotates around the hope that it can make James O’Keefe happy. Right?
    Almost makes me nostalgic for the simpler time of the precursor of Gonzo journalism by Rivera.
    How long till they distort the facts enough to get a nice juicy lawsuit directed at them?

  4. Re: “spud”, I immediately flashed back to “Ghostbusters”:
    VENKMAN: Come in, Ray.
    STANTZ: Venkman! I saw it! I saw it!
    VENKMAN: It’s right here, Ray. It’s looking at me.
    STANTZ: He’s an ugly little spud, isn’t he?
    VENKMAN: I think he can hear you, Ray.

  5. “spud” in the oilfield is also a term for “starting a hole” that fails.

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