Evolution Of The Hipster

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but New Orleans has been invaded by hipsters in the last few years. Our hipsters are a particularly self-righteous and preachy lot who want us to thank them for moving to our crummy town. I kid you not. A year ago, I got into an amusing exchange with some hipster douchebags at the Gambit blog over an eatery that called itself a blogstaurant. I am not making this up.

My pal Greg Hackenberg posted the video below on Facebook, which is a stirring puppet show exegesis of hipsterdom:

4 thoughts on “Evolution Of The Hipster

  1. Are you kidding? Brooklyn? Betweem the hepsters and the trust fund cyborgs, I’m ready to go out of my mind.
    Fuck this shit. After 14 years here, in what used to be NY’s best-kept secret, I’m done. I’m moving to Queens.
    Re. New Orleans, I guess they think it’s cool to be where something out of the ordinary happened. Makes them think they were part of it, or that they’re making a Grand Political Statement about being One with the People, or something.

  2. At least you haven’t got people coming in from out of town to make a TV show that gives everyone in the world the impression that your city is nothing but hipsters.
    –Disgruntled Portland Resident

  3. Along with Brooklyn and Portland, Austin springs to mind as a hipster heaven or Adrastos hell. The guy who shared that vid with me was recently in Asheville NC and found it overrun by hipsters. They’re like zombies, they pop up everywhere.

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