14 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Apples! And homemade apple butter from a friend’s mom. So much better than store-bought!

  2. Homemade chili. Cut a roast into 1″ squares,brown them before adding the other ingredients, and simmer all afternoon until the squares start to fall apart.
    Cook uncovered, rehydrating with cheap beer as it reduces. Add the chopped onion in the last hour so it’ll stay a little crunchy.
    Serve with cornbread, using half and half in place of milk and three eggs instead of two.

  3. Chanterelles every which way from fritters to omelette they are the only reason I can give up Summer without despair. It has been a lovely Summer here in and on the Puget Sound, and yet that great thunderstorm and cloudburst of late August brought a smile at the thought of the chanterelles coming up soon in the woods behind the house.

  4. Pork with apples and onions. Either that or beef short ribs with anything short of a dog turd.

  5. Just about anything made with apples from our Northern Spy: Cider, pie, apple crisp, apple cobbler, whatever…

  6. Apples, or squash or pumpkin or apples cider donuts with hot apple cider to drink, or casseroles and chili and soup and home made spaghetti sauce and lasagna now that it’s not so warm out or… well anything fall – I<3 Fall!

  7. the almost-burnt end of the sage/onion dressing from the Thanksgiving turkey, dropped into the drippings and recovered

  8. pecan pie cake- I only make it once a year in the fall because it just doesn’t feel right to eat it any other season.

  9. Love when cool weather and harvest coincide and soup, chili and stew season commences. Have a pot of homemade red sauce simmering on the stove right now – had a good tomato year so have a good supply of sauce, and crushed tomatoes for chili and spanish rice.

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