The Comeback Kid

Remember Bob Barr? He’s the former Georgia GOP Congressman and Clinton conspiracy buff who ran for President in 2008 as a Libertarian. Barr was a teawad before there was a tea party and was a driving force behind the GOP’s last major Pickett’s charge: the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Since comebacks are in, Barr is running as a Republican to replace major wackjob Phil Gingrey in the House of Representatives.Some GOPers aren’t happy, but I doubt that it’s because of this:

In 2011, Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, the former Haiti dictator
responsible for the deaths of thousands of Haitians, returned home after
two decades of self-imposed exile, claiming he wanted to help his
people in a time of crisis.

“I mean, there’s weird, and then there’s Haiti weird, and then
there’s the special kind of weird with the ex-dictator showing up after
25 years of exile with no warning just after the earthquake and
cholera epidemic in the middle of the presidential election weird,” said
Jonathan Katz, a journalist who covered Haiti and the author of the
book The Big Truck That Went By.

And then something strange happened. In walked one of Duvalier’s
newest advisers: Bob Barr, a US congressman from 1995 to 2003 and the
libertarian candidate for president in 2008.

“My jaw was on the floor,” said Katz. “Barr put the icing on the weirdness cake.”

Actually, in the context of Shutdown City circa 2013, Barr is just another everyday, common variety Republican weirdo.

I wonder if theTonton Macoute will be providing security for his campaign?

One thought on “The Comeback Kid

  1. WEIRD !! but not without precedent.
    For example, Dubya arranging for the royal Saudis to evac the USA while all other air traffic was frozen just after 9/11 (and, of course, a big source of the Bush family fortunes were from the Carlysle group which made a lot of money advising the Saudis on PR).
    Just another reason I wonder why they rules on legislature-folk don’t seem to have clear limits on conflict of interest. Between being on the leash of their corporate donors, insider information, international ties, large amounts of invested money combined with the ability to set policy, they are engaged in conflicts of interest which would get a government worker removed from their jobs. (Yes, I know that they often place their investments. But the firewall between their knowledge of the funds pales in comparison with the ease of surmising the mix of the funds).

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