No Metaphors, No Mo

The high priests of the church of false equivalency aka the White House press corps are getting petulant:

But it was “ransom” — a word Obama has used repeatedly to describe
Republican negotiating tactics — that struck the last press corps nerve.
The usual briefing room decorum, such as it is, broke down entirely
when Carney said finally that Obama would sign a debt-ceiling extension
but not if it meant “paying a ransom” to Republicans.

“The president will not pay ransom for … ” Carney began.

“You see it as a ransom, but it’s a metaphor that doesn’t serve our
purposes … ” NPR correspondent Ari Shapiro shouted back with broad
support from other confused reporters.

“You guys are just too literal then, right? Carney said.

“We just want to accurately report,” Shapiro began before Carney
interjected. “We’re trying to be accurate in our description of what’s
going on.”

One would think that the MSM would feast on colorful language but not when it gets in the way of its eternal pursuit of non-existent balance. I realize that Jay Carney is a former hack but he’s there to serve the President’s purposes, not the press pool’s.

The word ransom quite accurately describes what the teahadists are demanding. It’s starting to remind me of the scene in Blazing Saddles wherein Cleavon Little takes himself hostage to escape the town full of bigots named Johnson:

The analogy, of course, breaks down because there aren’t many teanuts who look like Cleavon BUT the entire “movement” is a farce worthy of Mel Brooks. And you can guess what kind of movement it reminds me of…

This post accurately describes my beliefs on this matter even if it doesn’t suit the purposes of twits such as Ari Shapiro who, apparently, aspires to be, if not a high priest, a rabbi of false equivalency. Me, I think the White House should keep the metaphors flowing .

And that’s the way it is, on the 15th day that the American economy has been held hostage by a bunch of malakatudinous, unpatriotic nimrods.

5 thoughts on “No Metaphors, No Mo

  1. Let us harken back to those innocent days when the Beltway purveyors of truth jumped with glee at the pre-Iraq invasion and occupation hyperbole spouted by Dubya administration minions. It was Armageddon full speed ahead because that (secular) Mooslim was Satan and seemed guilty of colluding with (never mind) his sworn enemies. It was Onward Xian Soldiers, The Yanks Are Coming…oh happy day.
    But say the word “ransom” when metaphorically describing the fiasco of republican intransigence, and it’s grab the smelling salts, and clutch those pearls, western civilization will surely topple.

  2. I second what Fries Dominic says — hacks like Ari Shapiro and Jake Tapper manufacture snit fits when Democrats run the White House…but become dutiful little Boy Scouts when someone like Ari Fliescher’s in charge of the press room.

  3. I sent such an angry note to NPR about this you would not belive. I expect to get some answers any second…

    or, you know, not. But I did send the angry letter.

  4. Let me guess. The press that quibbled over whether “ransom” was an appropriate metaphor…
    Is this the same press that reported that “hordes” of veterans “stormed” the WWII memorial in DC? (Or there are so many examples of news stories using over the top rhetoric for DC in recent years. Or just watch almost any news station for an hour for your own examples.)
    BTW – That scene from Blazing Saddles is so appropriate to the Congressional shutdown.

  5. So “Ransom” is over the top. But Neo-Marxist, Kenyan, Maoist, etc. isn’t. And marching on the WH with rebel flags isn’t.

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