Shorter Krauthammer: Let Me Decide When to Stop Hitting You

It’s only okay to overcome prejudice if nobody bothers you about it:

I don’t like the language police ensuring that no one anywhere gives offense to anyone about anything. And I fully credit theclaim of Redskins owner Dan Snyderand many passionate fans that they intend no malice or prejudice and that “Redskins” has a proud 80-year history they wish to maintain.


When I was growing up, I thought “gyp” was simply a synonym for “cheat,” and used it accordingly. It was only when I was an adult that I learned that gyp was short for gypsy. At which point, I stopped using it.

Not because I took a poll of Roma to find out if they were offended. If some mysterious disease had carried away every gypsy on the planet, and there were none left to offend, I still wouldn’t use it.

See, Charles Krauthammer has evolved, you guys, and if we would just all wait, and be silent and polite, everyone would evolve. Then there would be no need for “political correctness,” which as we all know is worse than a dozen Obamahitlers.

It does not occur to this stupendous nitwit that part of the reason words come to be known as offensive is that people targeted by them speak up, and eventually that filters through to even the most clueless rich beltway dillhole.

No, his evolution happened all by itself, through the genuine goodness and decency inherent in his noble soul. It had nothing to do with the people those words describe, or how they felt hearing themselves characterized such, or whether they were within their rights to say look, we don’t like that, knock it off.

They barely exist, just as they did when he was cluelessly using words like Negro and Redskin and Gyp. They don’t matter. What matters is that Charles Krauthammer’s evolution happened at its own pace. People offended by the stupid things he said should have been perfectly content to wait for him and people like him to grow up.

In silence, as befits their inferiority, without insisting on owning theirnames.


6 thoughts on “Shorter Krauthammer: Let Me Decide When to Stop Hitting You

  1. Nice that this “Stupendous Nitwit” mentions some disease carrying away all the insulted people. Something like that was “tried”. Too bad for SN that it didn’t completely succeed. Perhaps he would be completely evolved by now.

  2. A, as a concrete example, I’m in a very rural area. The city debated an ordinance which would set up an arbiter to try to help resolve discrimination claims (the news really hit that it included employment discrimination based on sexual identity). BTW – unless the number of problems became too large, the city manager would initially fill this post – so no new city employees).
    You wouldn’t believe all the folks jumping on the “I’ve never heard of this being a problem before so why should we have an ordinance” bandwagon. (Of course, if anyone dared to speak up, they would be indentifying themselves as LGBT and thus set themselves up for discrimination.
    BTW – has anyone with the Washington Redskins, or Atlanta Braves, etc. figured out that the Indians they are copying are from 50s Westerns and are generally from nations from the plains or the southwest. The nation in the Atlanta would be on the edge of the Cherokee who have about as much similarity (physical and culture) with the Lakota as I have with someone from Nepal.

  3. Of course, if all those (fill in distasteful racial description here) had just waited around in the 50s and 60s instead of demanding civil rights, then equality would have been achieved much faster.
    Just proof that people don’t mind inequality as long as they are the ones who are more equal than others. But people really hate people trying to tell them that inequality exists.

  4. I, for one, look forward to the day when those of hideously warped human values, placed in service of a destructive ideology, are no longer termed “Krauthammers”.
    Alas, it will probably take years for our society to “evolve” to that point, and the current victims are unlikely to survive to see that glorious day.

  5. When I grew up, if someone pointed to someone and said “look there’s a redskin” people would turn and look for a football player. Of course I did grow up in Washington DC.
    Now I’m not an authority or anything, but I’ve never heard anyone use the word “redskin” in real life as a derogatory term for an American Indian. And I went to college in South Dakota.
    If you haven’t seen Clerks 2, then this doesn’t make sense, but we’ve taken the term “Redskin” back. It’s sole meaning is “football player from the nation’s capital.” It may have meant something else at Little Big Horn, but things have changed. Get with the times.

  6. When my Eastern European immigrant grandfather was angry with someone and called them a gypsy way back when I was a wee lad, he used to spit. I’m fairly certain it was meant as a slur.

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