Paragraph Of The Day: Stanley Crouch Edition

Stanley Crouch is a caustic and controversial jazz writer who also writes a column for the New York Daily News. Crouch has called himself a “radical pragmatist” and can often be found leaning right of center. Crouch is essentially a professional contrarian who takes great delight in trash talking fellow African-Americans when he feels they deserve it.Right now Crouch is fed up with Tailgunner Ted and his ilk who are strictly radical and never, ever pragmatic:

The “Cruz Missiles” in the House have followed the course of that non
thinker collecting scraps at the junkyard of shabby thoughts about
individual rights. They have passed no tests in office, but merely
declared their brand of surrealism a new reality, reserved for the
special few. They fancied themselves a new breed of super heroes, rising
up from the bottom.

That, my friends, is some good writing, and the whole column is well worth a read. The super hero bit has, however, put a disturbing image in my head of Ted Cruz in tights, wearing a cape as he rants, raves and lies. His super hero name could be <drum roll> Super Malaka.

One thought on “Paragraph Of The Day: Stanley Crouch Edition

  1. I don’t know. On one hand, I suspect Cruz of saying whatever is wanted at the time to get himself publicity.
    But I could also see him as an eccentric, thinking he is at the center of the fate of the world (see thread on what Cruz’s father said in church about being kings. And I didn’t think about it then, but wouldn’t claiming to be The King be considered borderline blasphemy). So he dresses up I tights and really thinks he has super human powers (Maybe like Popeye and Spinach it is Cruz with Green Eggs and Ham).

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