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From WAY back in September –Weiner shizzle!

How Long Will Muslim Brotherhood Force Huma Abedin to Stay Married to Anthony Weiner?Godfather Politics ^ | 7/27/2013 | Dave Jolly

Posted on Monday, September 02, 2013 6:05:55 AM by IbJensen

Anthony Weiner was a promising Democratic congressman from New York’s 9th District which is located entirely within Brooklyn. First elected in 1999, Weiner easily won re-elections with no less than 59% of the vote. In 2005, he ran for Mayor of New York City and lost, but still remained a very popular congressman.

In 2009, Weiner, a Jew, got engaged to Huma Abedin, a Muslim and aide to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They married in 2010 and now have a son named Jordan Zain Weiner.

Last year, Weiner was caught sexting messages and nude images of himself, forcing him to resign from Congress in shame, but Abedin stood by him. Weiner is now running for Mayor of New York City again and he has been caught with even more sexting with over half a dozen different women. Weiner refuses to withdraw from the race and his popularity in New York does not seem to be diminished by the scandal. Once again, Abedin stands by her husband.

Huma Abedin is a devout Muslim from a powerful Muslim family. Her mother is Saleha Mahmoud Abedin, a professor and dean at Dar El-Hekma College in Saudi Arabia. She is also a prominent official in the Muslim Sisterhood, the female counterpart to the Muslim Brotherhood. Although Huma married a Jew, a mortal enemy of all Muslims, she is still accepted by her Muslim family and friends. Normally her marriage would have constituted her being disowned by the family and subjected to an honor killing.

So one has to beg the question why she had been allowed to marry a Jew and not face disgrace from her family and fellow Muslims?

I believe the answer can be found in a Muslim word ‘Muruna’. There are times when Muslim leadership believe it is more important to plant a spy to gain valuable information than it is for that spy to follow all Muslim law. It is not uncommon for Muslim leadership to push a woman into a relationship with a non-Muslim in order to gain the confidence and trust of an infidel. Once that trust has been gained, the Muslim woman can begin to exert some influence into the dealings of her husband and in the process learn important secrets that she can pass on to her Muslim handlers back home.

I believe Huma Abedin is a Muruna and that her marriage to the Rep. Anthony Weiner was planned and sanctioned by the Muslim Brotherhood. At the time, Weiner had high expectations of furthering his political career, possibly a run for senate seat once held by Hillary Clinton or even higher. Having a husband in the US Congress would be a great asset to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then Weiner was disgraced and ended up resigning from Congress. If that was the end of his political career, it would seem that a divorce would have been proper, but for some reason, it wasn’t to be. This makes me wonder if Weiner’s run for mayor could have been prompted by the strong encouragement of his wife, Abedin.The Muslim Brotherhood has invested too much into Abedin’s marriage with Weiner to throw it down the tubes so soon, so he is being advised or pressured to run for office again.

If Weiner loses the mayoral election, then perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood will advise her to get a divorce and concentrate on her position as an advisor to the State Department. Abedin will still be a valuable asset to the Muslim Brotherhood, even without Weiner because of her relationship with Hillary Clinton. She was Clinton’s number one confidant while she was Secretary of State. If Hillary manages to win the presidential election in 2016, you can bet your bottom dollar that Abedin will be by her side in some key role, enabling her to pass many state secrets back to her Muslim Brotherhood family.

In my opinion, Huma Abedin is a dangerous enemy of the United States and should be treated as such.


Democrats, like Hillary and Obama, surround themselves with the enemy
(In this case, “the enemy” being someone the Freeper doesn’t regard as white)

because they have so much in common. Weener marrying Huma was a stroke of the bazaar (sic).

Huma’s no beauty,

Well, she’s no Ann Coulter, that’s for sure:



but she’s a damn site (sic) better looking that the pencil-necked geek Weener. What she could gain from this scrawny pervert is difficult to fathom.

1 posted on Monday, September 02, 2013 6:05:55 AM by IbJensen
OK Freepers – what’s the REAL reason for this “enemy”‘s Tammy Wynette impression?

To: IbJensen

Weiner was a member of Congress with the perfect blackmail qualifications. It was a setup from the beginning otherwise Huma would have already been dead for marrying a Jew.

9 posted on Monday, September 02, 2013 6:27:05 AM by ImNotLying (The MSM bears a close resemblance to the world’s oldest profession!)
Of course! I can’t even count the number of women in New York who’ve been assassinated for marrying Jewish men. And he deliberately got caught sexting girls to make the blackmail easier.
If only he’d been a Repub and got caught sexting boys….

To: IbJensen

The marriage to Weiner is a beard for her association with Hillary.
Weiner is nothing.
Hillary is the ticket .
As Secretary of State Hillary was Huma’s source of information.
If Hillary can be elected President sleeping with Hillary will be Abedins source in the White House.

Michelle Bachman suggested Abedin be investigated,

Michelle Bachman barks at passing cars.

and Obama the head Muslims and even many Republicans in Congress attacked Bachman unmercifully. Bachman was right. Abedin has no business being associated with people in high places in our country. She is a Muslim spy IMO.

Bachman’s a Muslim spy?

She will stay with Weiner as long as he works as a beard for Abedins lesbian association with Hillary, until Hillary loses her run for President. When Hillary is no longer useful Abedin will make a move out of her disgusting job as lover to a fat nasty foul mouthed witch