Quote Of The Day: Civility Edition

It comes from “moderate deal maker” Senator Tom Coburn from the state where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain:

“There’s no comity with Harry Reid. I think he’s an absolute asshole.”

Coburn said this at a fundraiser for Noo Yawk Mayoral candidate Joe Lhota. The only comity with Tom Coburn comes from the comedy that ensues when MSM media types insist that he’s a non-crazy, semi-pragmatic Republican. Wrong, he’s just another surrey with a wingnut fringe on top. That’s my last Rodgers and Hammerstein reference. I promise.

I am, however, glad that Coburn no longer has a beard. He might have been mistaken for a Boston Red Sox player, which wouldn’t go down well in Yankee country…

6 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: Civility Edition

  1. I’d guess Reid feels much the same about Coburn. At last a point of agreement…of sorts.

  2. But the statement is absolutely, 100% true as long as you use the new definition of bargaining and compromise – just cave to the Tea Bag party. Now that the repub elected officials are scared out of their pants by the Tea Baggers getting rid of the moderate repubs in favor of 100% certified non-RINO extremists.
    And I intentionally used certified as meaning both the American sense as well as in the British sense as being certifiable.

  3. AARGH- end of first paragraph above is missing the end of the sentence. Should read Now that the repub…non-RINO extremists, the new elected extremists are applying the same extreme definition of compromise to the dems.

  4. I love a guy complaining about lack of comity whilst publicly calling someone an absolute asshole.

  5. The bullies always think it most uncivil and unsporting when their erstwhile victims start fighting back.
    Fuck Coburn sideways. Being slightly less evil than his state’s other senator is not a strong recommendation.

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