5 thoughts on “Fuck it. Let’s run Jimmy again.

  1. I admit that I’m from GA and liked him as gov. But most of all, I’ll remember that when his term as prez was over, he used his political chips to give high exposure to a very worthy cause which has helped a lot of people. (Well that, and then from time to time the govt would call him back asking him to use the good will he had built up on the world stage to broker peace in some very difficult situations).
    Such an extreme difference from the pols that are in it so they can build up political chips to use in building their own personal power brokerage.

  2. I know you’re being ironic but as someone who lived through the 1980 campaign the post title made me cringe. Great ex-President, bad President, horrendous re-election candidate.

  3. adrastos: nope. He was my C-in-C and I’d love to have him back at the helm.
    The media hated him.
    The big-money corporations hated him.
    The Gee O Pee hated him.
    A terrible President? All he did was negotiate the Camp David Accords. So, yeah — we differ on the definition of Terrible President. Dude had wits and smarts and a conscience, which is orders of magnitude better than any of his successors. He was a different sort of Dem than Clinton (either of ’em, though they are both somewhat Southern) or than LBJ. He might have been our Kennedy (“our” meaning South of the old Mason-Dixon line).
    A.n.y. of them. The current fella is not a bad guy. He’s just … too much politician … not enough statesman.
    Carter is the last guy to make it to the White House without a whole posse of political professional … dirtbags … to scheme and steal and lie and cheat and extort … to get him there. I thought he was a damn fine President.

  4. Strongly disagree Black. His disastrous 1980 campaign gave GOP the White House and led to the defeat of a string of great liberal Senators: Frank Church, Birch Bayh, Warren Magnuson and George McGovern among them.

  5. I believe history will be far kinder to Carter than to those who succeeded him.
    BlackSheepOne, ditto on all you say. He was also the first president deliberately and continually undermined by the “lamestream gotcha” ┬ęPalin media.

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