Paragraph Of The Day: Grandmaster Wang Edition

Moosedenied is usually dedicated to all things New Orleans Saints, but this week’s post is one of the *best* things I’ve read about the Incognito-Martin affair:

Richie Incognito is a punk. A fat, sadistic, worthless piece of shit. Just a miserable excuse for a human being. A disgrace to his species. A complete waste of skin. He is the very embodiment of everything that’s disgusting and repulsive about sociopathic big dumb meathead jock “culture.” In case I’m not being clear here… Fuck. This. Guy. Fuck him, fuck everything about him, fuck everybody like him, and fuck anybody who’s idiot enough to defend him. There is no gray area with this shitbag. There is no nuance to this situation. No room for a devil’s advocate or “yeah, but…” arguments or “agreeing to disagree” or downplaying the severity of the issues here. Assholes like this guy are just the absolute worst. He’s not a “man.” He’s an abusive junior-high goon who never grew up.

Make sure you read Wang’s invective laden post in its entirety. It’s a fucking masterpiece.

3 thoughts on “Paragraph Of The Day: Grandmaster Wang Edition

  1. This, right here:
    “I’ll tell you what I “don’t get, man.” I don’t get how the rest of these jackasses in Miami can look themselves in the mirror and sleep at night. How they can blame the victim and defend the indefensible. How they can convince themselves that any of this is in any way okay. How they can be so entitled, so insulated from the real world, so certain that they’re somehow exempt from being decent, civilized human beings. How they can actually believe the twisted morality they’ve been spewing. ”
    I do. Incognito has scared ’em all to the point they’re afraid to cross him. Is he mobbed up, somehow? Or is he really that big and bad a dirtbag, to scare a whole locker room?

  2. I wonder how much of the problem is tied up in the cross purposes of sports.
    We claim that sports teaches teamwork and sportsmanship. Fair play. etc. At the same time, it is basically a gladiatorial event (and not just football, but even the “non-contact” sports emphasize “physicality” / aggressiveness.
    Admittedly, Incognito is an extreme. But I also remember a certain basketball hero who made a commercial about he isn’t there to be emulated by the kids – he is there to decimate the opposing team.

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