The ACA is Obama’s Katrina, or Maybe Obama’s Iraq

These things have a hierarchy, okay. I’m not okay with a fucked-up web site right now because how hard it is to make a web site function (says the girl who every year promises herself she’s gonna do this one better and doesn’t), but let’s keep in mind that nobody notable faced any kind of real consequences, such as PRISON TIME, for crises that resulted in coffins.

So maybe demanding the heads of the Cabinet for the horrific crime of trying to help people is a wee overreaction.

Also the number of people who believe that in the absence of regulation health insurance companies would have voluntarily stopped shithammering customers in new and dignity-destroying ways defies comprehension.Have you ever DEALT with an insurance company? I talk to mine like once a week these days for reasons to be explained later and every fucking time it’s a nightmare of “well, we need this authorization, so call your doctor and then call us and then call this other guy and send us a form and have your pharmacy send us a form and jump to the left and we’ll all do the time warp again.”

I’ve had claims denied for time-sensitive medication, I’ve been dropped from programs without prior notice, I’ve had prescription refills shipped to the wrong address, contain the wrong drugs, I’ve had phone calls just not get returned when I’ve left multiple messages. I’ve resorted to Twitter to get problems solved which is not how I like to do things, but the entire purpose of these companies is to gate-keep, and sometimes they get a little trigger-happy up there on the walls.

So all of a sudden we’re supposed to ascribe to them noble intentions and believe that they have our best interests at heart? Fuck that in its ear. The people who run them are petty, greedy little assholes and if you don’t think there was a meeting where they sat around snacking and saying, “We can pull all kinds of underhanded shit now and blame it on ObamaHitler,” you need to go back to people school. None of that makes the Obamacare fuckups okay, but let’s not act like they don’t do this every day before breakfast anyway and then nom on some babies for lunch.


5 thoughts on “The ACA is Obama’s Katrina, or Maybe Obama’s Iraq

  1. It’s also completely bogus for these idiots to cast this as a two-sided black and white issue. They’ve given a pass to the states who did nothing to help their citizens out- there’s a complete lack of any kind of accountability assigned the 36 states that did not raise a finger to create their own interfaces so their citizens might have an easier time. Yeah, okay, it’s Obamacare is Katrina. Then your state is the Corps of Engineers, idiots.

  2. If there’s a hell and if there are circles of hell, insurance company executives and other higher ups in the profession deserve whatever one is the absolute worst. About the only alleged humans that are sleazier are their wingnut allies in Congress.
    I’d say force them to listen to Sarah Palin speeches on endless loop, but they’d probably like that.

  3. Living in MO, the state took the time to pass a law by citizen referendum to forbid any state worker from using any of their time or resources to help in setting up the needs of the ACA. And now we’re complaining there isn’t enough time?
    On the national stage, perhaps if we spent less time passing bills and holding house panels on the Kenyan’s birth certificate, defunding the ACA, etc. then thee might have been more time to get things worked out in advance?

  4. How much less would we hate Obamacare as a nation if what it did was make all the car insurers cover everybody at a fair price?

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