Fair Warning: This is Hobbes

Athenae’s skipping town tonight and for some reason she’s entrusted me with a set of spare keys to First Draft to keep you people entertained in her absence. So we’ll see howthat goes.

I figure I should tell y’all at least vaguely where I’m coming from before I start inflicting my word vomit on you, so: I’m a nearly-30-year-old graduate student in computer sciences and biology, a godless heathen despite 13 years of Catholic school, and a (these days) intermittent comic artist. I’m also a lady-person with Opinions on what it’s like to be a minority in aSTEM field.

All that means I’ll probably be posting aboutScience!, comics, religion, and topics-that-shouldn’t-be-buzzwords-but-are like social justice and intersectionality. To wit:

Web comics: a medium for both fart jokes and actual social commentary.

I promise I won’tjust post my own doodles from two years ago. Just, y’know, mostly.

5 thoughts on “Fair Warning: This is Hobbes

  1. Welcome! I think if you check the fake wall panels or any trap doors in the floor, there is a well stocked the liquor cabinet hidden. Enjoy.

  2. Like the “cartoon” (in air quotes as I think of cartoon as being frivolous while this one definitely isn’t).
    Also you have me intriguied – a Masters or Do)ctorate combining computer sciences and biology. Interesting mix (though I realize that a lot of biology these days has to deal with either condensing massive amounts of data (see climate change) or numeric models to take the difficult to obtain data and validly use it.

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