Album Cover Art Wednesday: A Moms Mabley Medley

Moms Mabley week at First Draft continues with three of her LP covers. I’d never seen the last one until the other day and it cracks me up since it has LBJ, HHH, and RFK waiting on the White House porch for the arrival of the grand dame. It is, of course, sci-fi since Lyndon and Bobby were *never* on speaking terms and not even Moms could have brought those two together:

Moms Mabley - Breaks Is Up

Moms Mabley - Now Hear This! alt


3 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: A Moms Mabley Medley

  1. I really didn’t knew that much about Moms Mabley until a few days ago, when the internet started firing up about her.

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