Paragraph Of The Day: TBogg Edition

TBogg is back and as funny as ever. In fact, the title of the quoted post would be a solid choice as headline of the week if I were picking one:How The Bashir Stole Christmas:

As you may have heard last week, Martin Bashir, who is a teevee guy on the ObaMSNBCa network, said that someone should poop and pee in shit-talkin’ word-manglin’ half-term governorin’ Sarah Palin’s mouth which is NOT A NICE THING TO SAY unless you are talking about David Vitter (R-Pampers) who will actually pay you to do that to him because he is a job creator and also he thinks it’s kind of hawt. Needless to say Bashir’s comment pissed off (but not in the mouth) Sarah Palin something fierce and you will not like a pissed-off Sarah Palin who, every night before bed, soaks herself in bathtub filled with bile and grievance and hate in order to keep her edge but also because it keeps her skin glowing and supple just like any other woman who has a decent shot at becoming a great-grandmother before the age of 54.

I foreswore posting about half-Governor Palin quite some time ago, but could not resist posting something that takes a shot at Diaper Dave. Well played, sir.

One thought on “Paragraph Of The Day: TBogg Edition

  1. 1) I’m sure Lauer is crying his eyes out that he won’t have to take all the time and trouble to travel to Wasilla.
    2) Love the quote from the head of Palin’s PAC “Americans deserve to know that your network doesn’t condone violent and hateful rhetoric.” Perhaps for Thanksgiving I should invent a parlour game to see who can list the largest number of hateful statements from Palin (to expand it to listing hateful things from McCain/Palin or, heaven forbid, the repubs would mean the game would never end as it would take years to write the list).
    3) Out of curiosity The pic in the link is captioned “Drilling down on the President’s Keystone Oil Pipeline” which could imply that Palin is against it. Is that her stance? (I have questions about the long-term environmental safety.)
    As Palin usually uses the method of what is good for her, personally, above all (kind of an infantile morality) I could easily see her acting on the self-interest that the Keystone could divert attention from Alaskan oil.

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