Too bad it’s not in Iowa

There’s a big ass sinkhole in rural Assumption Parish, which forced the evacuation of 150 homes some 7 months ago. The folks there have been asking Governor PBJ to come and have a look-see ever since. Jindal, of course, has been busy; first lauding Willard Mittbot Romney and the trashing him after he lost.the election.He has finally agreed to do his job and take a belated gander at the Bayou Corne sinkholenext week.

Jindal has been like the damned elusive pimpernel when it comes to going anywhere in the Gret Stet. I make the, uh, assumption that there are two reasons for his sudden interest in the sinkhole. First, his Louisiana poll ratings have cratered down to a 37% approval rating while he’s been bopping about the country talking about the “stupid party.” Second, Julia RobertsErin Brockovich visited Bayou Corne last weekend and blasted PBJ’s inattentiveness. It’s a pity that it took that to get the fast talking delusional exorcist to visit his constituents but there are no potential caucus or primary voters there, after al.

PBJ was willing to preen and posture and pretend to love the environment during the BP Oil spill but there were camears aplenty to capture his fake concern. This episode involves a very large sinkhole in a very small town without wall-to-wall media coverage, which is why PBJ has been a MMIA: malaka missing in action.

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