Just Stop It

Stop this.

And this.

Stop thinking enough time has passed that you can classily advertise a sale commemorating the murder of hundreds of people, for fuck’s sake. YES IT IS TOO SOON. It will likely be too soon forever. Maybe my grandkids will think it is not too soon, but I doubt it.

Memorial Day and Veterans Day mattress sales are gross enough, but at least those holidays have been around a while. The earth has barely stopped smoking. Survivors are still alive, families of the victims are still alive, and I doubt they’re honored by your really sweet deals.


3 thoughts on “Just Stop It

  1. Disgusting.
    A few more types to add to the list:
    The charities that collect for the support of the victims of 9/11 and then spend 90% of the donated funds on executive salaries.
    The folks urging people to get a concealed carry permit in honor of 9/11 (and the limbaughs and becks similarly using 9/11 to push their agenda and get people to send them more money).
    The localities building memorials with the only apparent benefit of the memorial being to bring people to their city to spend money in their town. As an example, Albia, IA has reportedly, over 6 years, collected 2.5 million in donations and government funds to build a memorial to welcome home all veterans. Only problem is use google maps to see that Albia, IA is in the middle of nowhere. Kind of reminds me of the tortured ethics used to take over land for Mt. Rushmore.

  2. And victims are still dying. First Responders and others exposed to the smoke and toxins are showing case after case of cancer. It will ever be too soon.

  3. Oh, I don’t know. Wasn’t Bush’s advice in the aftermath to encourage people to go out shopping?

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