4 thoughts on “President Shakes Communist Dictator’s Hand

  1. There ought to be one of Nixon & Khrushchev, too.
    And a vid of Dubya giving Jiang Zemin a sloppy blow job in 2001, to get that downed recon plane returned, but it’s behind a paywall at NRO.

  2. Thought the same, John. There’s also a photo of McCain getting friendly with Ghadaffi a few years ago, and this morning I was reminded that in 1967 Israeli planes “mistakenly” attacked a US destroyer (USS Liberty), killing and/or wounding scores of soldiers…
    Oh, and let’s not forget that Germany and Japan used to be…pretty serious enemies…
    More seriously, this is what happens when you’ve got a political faction with the mental age of a middle school child.

  3. Michael, I take issue with that middle school child image – most middle schoolers are much more open minded politically than the conservative caucus these days.
    It’s when you start putting *that* shirt with *those* pants does the middle schooler sneer and begin complimenting you on your taste.

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