Malakatude Smackdown

It’s always heart warming when 2 past malakas of the week get into a public spat. Imbecile Senator and 5/10/13 honoree James Inhofehas gone after last week’s prince of malakatude, Chris Christie.Dim Jim blames Christieand his fleece jacket for Willard Mittbot Romney’s defeat last year. It’s, of course, utter nonsense but it’s a widely shared view on the right. Romney lost because he didn’t have a pulse and the nation wasn’t ready for its first robot President.

Thus far Christie hasn’t fired back but that surely cannot last. Governor Pufferfish *lives* for confrontation and drama. It’s one reason I kept expecting him to show up on The Real Housewives of New Jersey to hang out with Juicy Joe and his wacky family. That dream, alas, ended when Joe and Tree were indicted for being reality soap bozos among other things. Enough low brow nonsense.

The MSM Christie craze reminds me of the Rudy craze, the brief Herman Cain craze, and the pet rock craze. They’re called crazes because they’re crazy, after all. One reason Governor Kramden is so successful at home is that he’s Jersey writ large. I’m not sure how well that bombastic, loud personality will export. Loud jerks from Jersey tend to be an acquired taste in my experience.

Anyway, I’d like to thank Senator Inhofe for playing true to form and saying something stupid. I eagerly await Christie’s response. It’s gotta be better than reading Noam Scheiber’s wildly speculative piece about the fantasy camp 2016 Presidential candidacy of Elizabeth Warren. (Note: I like Senator Warren but expect she’ll continue to be one of the most effective frosh Senatorsin history.) Dave Weigel’s takedown of Scheiber’s piece is a must read classic, so go read it already.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “Malakatude Smackdown

  1. As proper as it was for Christie to work with FEMA for the good of the people of the NE, I suspect that doing so was hari-kiri for his repub career.
    Also, coming from the deep south and knowing all the bumper stickers that say ‘I don’t care how you did it up north’ I recognize a strong resentment of people from NY, NY coming down and proclaiming the way it is done in NY is the only way. New Jersey is close enough to NY and Christie’s bombastic, confrontational style would quickly feed into that long standing resentment of carpet baggers. So a prez bid was always going to be problematic.
    Of course, knowing how unbelievable the re-election of Obama was to the repubs, they’d point at anything to blame it on.
    OTOH – knowing how difficult it must be to choose a single malaka from the field each week, I like the idea of a weekly malaka smack-down to make the final decision.

  2. OTOH: Jim Inhofe’s son was killed in a plane crash yesterday. Condolences to Perry’s survivors, and may he rest in peace.

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