Christopher Lee Facts

I don’t know why we bother with this Chuck Norris clown when Christopher Lee exists:

I will never get over how he corrected Peter Jackson on the proper sound a man makes when he’s been stabbed in the back because he actually worked in the British clandestine services.

Or how he volunteered to fight in one of the most brutal fronts of WWII (the Finnish-Russian Winter War).

Or how he was fucking NAZI HUNTER.

Basically, Christopher Lee is the real Most Interesting Man in the world and I honestly don’t know why we tell Chuck Norris jokes when this badass is walking around.

And then I see him rambling on about how Saruman and Gandalf are actually Istari, which are one of the Maia in the LotR commentaries and I realize he literally cannot become more awesome.

And how he has a Christmas metal single out right now.


2 thoughts on “Christopher Lee Facts

  1. A writer for Cracked once described Christopher Lee as “More metal than Glenn Danzig slaying a griffing with a broadsword forged from the bones of Dimebag Darrell.”
    And there’s nothing more metal than that.
    Except Christopher Lee.

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