Okay, I have leather shoes, I am thinking about getting a sheepskin rug for the baby to loll around on in winter, I am a terrible hypocrite, let us get that out of the way and talk about angora rabbitsBECAUSE BUNNIES.

So soft. So fwuffy. We shouldn’t hurt them. And is it me or do angora sweaters kind of suck? I had an angora scarf once and the fucking thing shed all over everything else I was wearing. I might as well have gone to work with Claire around my neck. An entire sweater made of that shit would drive me insane.


3 thoughts on “BUNNIES

  1. I recommend that you never, ever touch a sea otter pelt. You would suddenly understand how we almost drove them to extinction. Yes, there is one at a ranger station in Point Lobos California State Park.

  2. We still have two sheepie skins left over after raising two children–the oldest is now 17. They seem terribly important when you have that newborn but then, after a few years, you find yourself simply moving them from place to place. Ditto the stupid rocking nursing chair. Most important thing? A boppy pillow for nursing. Also: ear plugs for the screaming.

  3. Well there’s a squishy blanket in your future that I would have gotten to you on Saturday if shit hadn’t Gone Down back in the homeland, so you don’t have to besuper hypocritical if you don’t want to 😉

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