Album Cover Art Wednesday: Hell

This week’s entry is the cover of Hell, a 1974 James Brown LP I’d never heard of. Good gawd, y’al. I love the Hardest Working Man in Show Business, but he was known more for his brilliant, frenetic live performances and his stellar singles than for his elpees. In short, I’ve died and gone to Godfather of Soul hell or something like that. Good gawd, y’all. The album art was done by Joe Belt who is known for his Native American and Western images. Here’s what the artist had to say about going to Hell:

This is an album cover I did for James Brown back in the mid-70’s. The album has recently been re-released as a double-CD set, and has been deemed as the most artistic and creative work of his long career. He was a professional to work with, and extremely nice. I don’t know where the original art is, but I sent it to Polydor Records, in New York City, at the time.

Here’s the front cover:

Hell Cover

Here’s the back cover:

James Brown. Hell Back Cover

Here’s JB on Soul Train sending the audience straight to Hell.Good gawd, y’all:

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  1. Zowee! That’s a ripoff of Marvel’s Prince Namor, the Submariner, on the “Nothing can stop him” side.

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