NOLA Notes: None Of Your Beeswax

As always, New Orleans puts the weird into the news of the weird. The wax in question is actually-get ready-earwax but it involves a dispute between rival bars so I’m giving them both the, uh, business:

It was apparently meant to be a joke, but those who were supposed to be the punch line are not laughing.

While watching a football game on Jan. 1, Michael Miller, who owns the Carrollton Station bar, ran across the street to Willow, a bar formerly known for years as Jimmy’s Music Club, and slipped a smoldering piece of paper into a door.

Willow was not damaged, but on Monday night, New Orleans police arrested Miller, 43, at his bar at Willow and Dublin streets and booked him on a count of attempted simple arson. He was released on his own recognizance, according to Orleans Parish Criminal District Court records.

Attempts to contact Miller by phone and in person Tuesday were unsuccessful.

According to court documents, Miller told the arresting officers that his action was a joke.

Miller told WWL-TV that the item he lit is designed to suck wax from ears. When he heard that, he said, he took it to Willow to “suck out all the bad mojo” because the bar has had trouble getting business since reopening last year.

Jimmy Anselmo, who opened Jimmy’s Music Club in 1978 and now leases the building to Willow’s operators, declined to speak to a reporter. His wife, however, said despite Miller’s claims of lighthearted tomfoolery, the action was disturbing.

“Once they asked him about it, he claimed it was benevolent, that it was to get rid of bad spirits,” Joan Anselmo said. “It’s not like he threw gas on the building and lit a match, but it’s not funny.”

I nearly called this post “life imitates Bar Wars” but this went farther than the gang at Cheers ever did. I suspect that Cliff Clavan would be able to lecture at length on the topic of earwax mojo but I’m at a loss for words. I did, however, once name a white fluffy cat Q-Tip.

So much for waxing poetic. I’m not sure if the late Louisiana music great Gatemouth Brown had earwax issues but he did have his mojo working