We Can Make Things That Need to be Easier, Easier

It’s possible:

Patient-centered practices include private rooms, available at the standard price other hospitals charge for semi-private rooms. There are no more visiting hours. Family and friends are welcome at all hours and are allowed to stay the night in the patient’s room. And as part of the patient-focused approach, no one is woken up between 10 pm and 5 am unless there’s an emergency.

Perhaps the most remarkable fact about the $360 million facility is that it costs less than the average hospital. For common chest and hip procedures, the hospital incurs one-third the cost or less.

Granted, limits on visiting hours can be NICE sometimes, like get people the fuck out of the room so the injuried/sick person doesn’t also have to be the asshole who says, “get out of my room so I can sleep” and offends great-aunt Edna or whoever.

But overall, if you CAN address the things that suck about a hospital stay without needing to increase costs, why not do it, especially for relatively routine procedures? You’re already in the hospital, you’re already where you don’t want to be. Don’t jack people around over parking (one hospital I go to regularly is five bucks to park, another’s hourly, another’s free but the parking garage is this byzantine thing and you have to get your ticket validated at a desk that is almost never staffed) and if they can bring in a hamburger or whatever.


One thought on “We Can Make Things That Need to be Easier, Easier

  1. Why not make these changes? At the hospital where I worked, there was an attitude of “we’ve never done it that way before and we’re not going to do it now”.
    That and some serious control issues and a culture where the worst people are promoted on a pretty regular basis make for a miserable environment.
    That’s why my hospital was a wretched place to work, and I can’t imagine all those unhappy employees made any patient’s life easier.

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