Senator Aqua Buddha must be back at the bong, y’all. As a Kentucky Senator, he can always score some fictional weed from fictional drug lord Boyd Crowder. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Aqua Buddha’s dredging up the Lewinsky mess. A literal mess at that. Splat.

Yo, Aqua Buddha, that’s been litigated to death and it was a LOSING ISSUE FOR THE GOP. You’re showing signs of being as batshit and clueless as your dear old Dad. Actually, if he moved to Kentucky, he’d be Old Grand Dad.

I seem to be easily distracted due to the #hunkergamesand various substances that shall remain mysterious. What I mean to say is this: Monica will not be an issue in 2016 and cannot be used against Hillary. Stick to BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI. It’s a losing issue but it happened in this century and not in the late 1990’s. Aqua Buddha should chlliax, listen to some Prince and try to move past 1999:

2 thoughts on “1999

  1. There’s NOTHING in the constitution that says that the House can’t impeach Bill Clinton AGAIN.
    Sure, he can’t be elected preznit again, but if convicted, Bill could be barred from “ever holding a position of profit or trust”, thereby preventing Pres. Hitlery from recess-appointing Bill to the Supreme Court just to fuck up Scalia.
    In fact, they could impeach FDR. Nothing says you have to be “alive” to be impeached.
    It makes JUST. AS. MUCH. SENSE. as the crap they’re doing now, so they should just go for it

  2. Bringing up Monica Lewinsky in reference to Hillary Clinton is just victim blaming. This is rather par for the course for the Republicans, but I don’t see that’ll get anywhere for them with regular people.

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