NOLA Notes: The Hunker Games

New Orleans is having a snow day after a civic nervous breakdown last night. There’s a chance of snow although it looks as if it’s mostly going to be ice, ice baby. Since we’re in hurricane country, people raced to the grocery stores yesterday to get, well, hurricane supplies. One lady interviewed on the teevee news bought ice although that seems kinda weird for the coming #icepocalypse. We’re used to shopping for Carnival and hurricanes, y’all.

One reason for the municipal freak out was the head of Entergy playing power Chicken Little and warning of outages of up to 6 days if the #sneauxpocalypse or #sneauxmageddon strikes. Btw, the Entergy guy is Charles Rice who was Nagin’s right hand man in his first term as Mayor, which doesn’t necessarily enhance his credibility. Any reminders of C Ray, of course, help Mayor Mitchey in his re-election campaign so the trial is a bonanza for him. It, too, has been canceled by the #icepocalypse.

One of the stupidest things about this particular storm is the Weather Channel’s new policy of naming winter storms. This one is named Leon. Leon? Really? Leon? The only Leon I ever had any use for was former Giants, Indians and Angels OF Leon Wagner, an all hit no field slugger. His nickname was Daddy Wags. When he owned a clothing store its slogan was “buy your rags from Daddy Wags.” This is probably only of interest to me and Doc. Btw, this makes me the John Fogerty of bloggers: I “self plagiarized” that passage from my Facebook page…

Leon Daddy Wags Wagner was the poor man’s Willie McCovey so I’m going to post a picture of him with the real deal:


Now that I’ve updated people who have *real* winter, it’s time for me to hunker down and get really, really bored. We may watch all the Doctor Who episodes cluttering up the DVR. David Tennant, Matt Smith and the Tardis await.


5 thoughts on “NOLA Notes: The Hunker Games

  1. There’s also Leon Redbone, of course…then you’ve got Leon Lett — forget if he’s still in the pen or not after getting caught with several bales of cannabis in St. Martin Parish (though, if you ask me, that’s actually a step up from being a Dallas Cowboy)…Leon Spinks…and while only a character name, Leon was the first replicant we see in Blade Runner (he’s being given the eye test)…
    Well, Leon or just winter storm, so far, am surviving up here, but am keeping an eye out on stuff. We’ve got a mix of sleet and freezing rain…am more worried about what happens once it stops with the low forecast for 19F tonight.
    Faucets are dripping, and the cat’s avoiding the chilly floor for the most part. He’s got a good perch on his cat condo/tree…

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