Clark Gregg is Wonderful

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been uneven but I keep watching because this guy:

AX: After having been a working actor for so long, how does it feel to be such an integral part of the Marvel screen universe and the star of a huge genre TV show?

GREGG: It’s wonderful. As everybody knows, it was a small part in IRON MAN 1, and they started adding the guy, and I just thought, “This is fun. I get to be a supporting in all these films, with really great actors that I admire,” and then all of a sudden, they’d written this amazing thing in THE AVENGERS, Joss had written this amazing thing, and really kind of put him out as a key member of the ensemble, and yet I also read the script and realized this would be the end of Phil Coulson. And I was still thrilled, because it was such a great journey and a great way to go out. So then, to find out I was going to be doing this every week and have my own team and now to have gotten the first ten, twelve episodes under our belt and see the ways that it’s now moving forward and expanding into the Marvel universe and becoming this bigger thing with people like Bill Paxton and some other surprising stars coming – Lady Sif [Jaimie Alexander] from THOR and some other people that we’re not allowed to talk about. I guess as Bryan Cranston has said, it’s hard not to feel very, very lucky indeed.

I’ve loved him since Sports Night: