Deep State Visit Thought

French President Francois Hollande is here on a state visit.To my dismay, non-Fox MSM outlets are trotting out Bush-Cheney era cliches about the French. Yup, they’re on about “cheese eating surrender monkeys,” “freedom fries” and the rest of that shit. Hardy, har, har. Guess what: THE FRENCH WERE RIGHT ABOUT THE IRAQ WAR.

I had many arguments with people at the time. A real friend tells you the truth instead of what you want to hear. If President Beavis had listened to Jacques Chirac instead of Tony Blair we’d be a helluva lot better off. Hell, Chirac was a center right pol but Bush majored in wishful thinking at Yale so he listened to Vice President Duce and the voices in his head.

Vive La France.

6 thoughts on “Deep State Visit Thought

  1. I’m going to be a picker of nits and point out that it is “Vive LA France.”
    The French bashing drives me absolutely, completely NUTS. Without the French we wouldn’t have a fucking country–they financed the American Revolution rather heavily–which ironically led to their own revolution. And, as we point out repeatedly, those fried potatoes are in fact a specialty of Belgium, not France. Who the hell knows why stupid Americans call them French fries.

  2. I’m with mothra about French bashing. The United States loses a couple of buildings and 3,000 souls in one attack and we absolutely lose our shit for a decade. In the Great War, France had a 73.3% casualty rate over five years, and lost about 1.4 million soldiers, some 450 times our losses on 9/11. There’s a reason they still lament the Lost Generation in France. It’s a region, a country and a people that have seen war up close and personal right on their own soil. How DARE we in the United States presume to judge anything the French have to say about war?

  3. Yes, those damn French, who attacked Britain as we were losing the American War for Independence so that the Brits had to withdraw and defend their homeland, giving us time to get our shit together and truly win our independence in the War of 1812.
    Americans who hate on the French because of WWII need to learn their own country’s goddamn history.

  4. I sometimes despair at the lack of memory in politics.
    In real life, if someone consistently tells me something which is later shown to be in error and, even after shown to be in error keeps telling me the wrong info, I quickly loose faith in what they say.
    In politics (and Faux News), nobody remembers or cares.
    Nixon and his posse were shown untrustworthy (to understate the matter). The same people were the basis of the GWB administration. They advance war in Iraq as resulting in the sweet smell of democracy (and the people throwing flowers at our feet, and the war being paid for from what we’ll make off their oil).
    Now a decade later, the only roses thrown at our feet have IEDs enclosed. We increased our national debt for Iraq and Afghanistan. There were no WMDs. etc. etc. etc.
    Yet the same people still control the Sunday morning talk shows and a significant part of the population still believes them. As you point out, the same folks still rag on France as surrender monkeys.

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