I’ve had a lot of fun riffing about the #nagintrial but now that it’s reached it’s inevitable conclusion, I feel sad. Nagin was one of my primary subjects as a blogger and I always found him to be as entertaining as he was infuriating. I even voted for him in 2002 before he’d established that he was in over his head. Even though he got what was coming to him, I still find it difficult to celebrate anyone being sent to jail.

There were also some disgusting tweets after the verdict. Why do people think that prison rape is funny? It is not. It makes one despair of the human condition, which is why, while I did get off a few good one liners today, I’m not in the mood to post them. All I can say is that I’m glad that it’s over.

I may write at a bit more length about the Nagin trial when my 4000th cold of the winter is better but for now, that is all.

2 thoughts on “Guilty

  1. When did it become apparent that Nagin wasn’t the independent, post-partisan politics businessman? I only vaguely remember the 2002 election — BR media doesn’t exactly cover the real city (to their discredit)…and, just asking, was Nagin really better or at least a lesser evil than Pennington (it was Pennington who he ran against in 02, right?)

  2. Pennington blew up his chance to be the cross-over candidate by letting Dollar Bill Jefferson take over his campaign. Mose Jefferson was the campaign manager. If you thought C Ray used City Hall as a piggy bank, he was a piker compared to Dollar Bill.

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