NOLA Notes: In the bubble

It’s that time of the year again: Carnival. Many of us crawl into the bubble and stay there until we’re ashen on Ash Wednesday or some such shit. In short, light blogging from me this week. Of course, every time I say that I post more than expected. Life is mysterious that way.

I have few more Krewe of Spank items to share with you. First, the float. A picture I swiped from our FB page:

Spank 2014

Here are *all* of our buttons including Jude’s favorite:

Spank Buttons 2014

Finally, the Spanktuary archway, which was, uh, erected on the neutral ground where we had our friends, family and hangers on parade party. My buddy, Andy, the mad carpenter of Spank was the man who designed the arch:


2 thoughts on “NOLA Notes: In the bubble

  1. I got to ride a fire truck in a parade at age 10, and after that I was cool not being in parades (which got awkward when I joined my high school’s award-winning marching band, but hey). But looking at that float sorta makes me wish I were dressed up and riding, throwing beads and maybe candy and badges to folks.

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