Sunday Morning Video: The Grateful Dead Live in 1990

I am a happy musical camper. There’s a YouTuber called Voodoonola who has posted some astonishing Grateful Dead concert videos. They obviously come from the Jumbotron feed at various Dead shows. Fine sound and picture quality = Happy Adrastos.

This 1990 show is a keeper. The first set combination of Truckin’ and Touch of Grey is an unusual one and it really lifts the show into the stratosphere. If you want to see the set list or track hop, watch it on YouTube. That is all.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Video: The Grateful Dead Live in 1990

  1. Video is no longer available… Sad face Monkeyfister. But I AM enjoying the 3-30-90 Nassua Collisium show… HAPPY face!

  2. Enjoying Grateful Dead Naussau Coliseum 3-29-90 with Branford Marsalis, now. Source disc audio! My that “Eyes Of The World” is lovely.

    I think you are talking about the Shoreline show? I found that, and loved it! Thanks for pointing me to Voodoonola’s channel. I never knew! Dancing through my chores today, and happyhappyhappy!

  3. I think the GD released a series of shows from the late 80’s early 90’s that were basically jumbotron broadcasts. They were called “Views from the Vault”.

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