Rot In Hell, Fred

I am usually inclined not to speak ill of the dead or to gleefully await someone’s demise, but there are exceptions to any rule. Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Churchinfamy is an exceptionally egregious exception to that rule. His only claim to fame is being pastor of the homophobic cultish church that protests at people’s funerals. The lowest form of protest imaginable.

Contemplating his passing makes me want to dance a jig, piss on his grave, and/or flush his ashes down the terlet. Of course, the latter would pollute the sewer and some poor Ed Norton bastard would have to clean it up so maybe not.

The news has given me an earworm. It comes from the 1970Procol Harum album, Home. All the songs are about alcoholism, death, and self-loathing. And lyricist Keith Reid really nailed the themes too, y’all.Still There’ll Be More is one of the nastiest, most vindictive songs I can think of. The lyrics are vicious, misanthropic, and appropriate for a human shitstain like Fred Fucking Phelps:

On a postive note I showed a live version so you could see the superb technique of drummer BJ Wilson. Just a pity that Robin Trower had left the band before that appearance. Trower did, however, co-write a song about death for the album:

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  1. Interestingly, there are reports that Fred was ex-communicated from the church a few years ago, and that he may have been a closet gay man. Hopefully, the nonsense that this “church” spews will come to an end.

  2. The thing to remember about Westboro Baptist is that they have distilled the entirety of the Bible down to three verses, Matthew 5:10-12. The revulsion they inspire means they will reap a great reward. Public condemnation is the sure-fire way they know they are being persecuted, and in line for the best rewards in the highest heaven.
    Yell at them, decry them, revile them, and it all plays into their sick world view that they are carrying out the holiest of missions. With a lawsuit at the ready in case someone oversteps the libel or slander laws, just like Jesus was apparently ready to do at any time.
    We found that going squishy on them was both effective and curiously satisfying. Let them rant and rave, smile back, and in our case, offer them a cool beverage on a hot, humid Kansas City morning – bigotry being rather thirsty work. They skedaddled pretty quickly, though I have noted in recent years that Westboro seems to get more bang for the buck simply by announcing that they’re going to set up their odious pickets instead of going to all the trouble and expense of actually showing up.

  3. I guess we can take some comfort in the fact that Phelps’ passing will be no great loss to the planet Earth.
    However, like L. Ron Hubbard, he’s created a playbook which his followers will continue to use, so I don’t see his demise as the end of Westboro Baptist’s antics (or their extraordinarily litigious tendencies). Until the courts recognize that they’re creating conflict for profit, they’ll have every incentive to go on being public assholes.
    To my mind, though, truly horrible people forfeit any consideration in death, so, fuck you, Fred, and good riddance, you bastard.

  4. Gratuitous has it exactly right. The way to deal with the Westboro folks is to blithely tolerate them. That way they have no grist for the wheel. Indeed Phelps had followers who will continue in his work–but it is a small group that consists mainly of family members. They’ll wither on the vine.
    My schadenfreuden thought is how surprised old Fred must have been to have been greeted by Lucifer rather than St. Peter at the gates…(not that I believe in heaven and hell, but it’s still a fun thought).

  5. Thanks for the ripping fine PH video of “Still There’ll Be More,” showcasing the extraordinary gifts of Mr B J Wilson. I am always cheered to see the double-jointed find meaningful work in society…

  6. “Rot In Hell, Fred”
    Hey! Hell has standards you know! Not every douchecanoe member of the Circle of Jerks is guaranteed entry, in spite of all that christianist trash-talk
    “Oh yeah, Hell, anyone can get in THERE”
    There are still openings for having Fred reincarnated as a tapeworm in Rush Limbaugh’s poop-chute, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, whichever one you mean.

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