Weekend Question Thread

Because it seems we’re finally, finally, finally about to get a taste of spring here this weekend: What’s your favorite warm-weather activity?

I’m just looking forward to going out without needing to put on five layers.


16 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. BIKING. Oh my god biking. I took my bike to work and around town yesterday and it was BEST THING.

  2. What-weather activity? Warm-what activity? I haven’t the faintest recollection.

  3. Um…my least favorite warm weather activity is yard maintenance, which started down here a few weeks ago. Fortunately, it’s a pretty small yard.
    Of course, warm weather in Louisiana means soon enough it will be … really hot weather. Hot as in go from one air conditioned oasis to another during the day, or…melt.
    Though, after sunset, there’s nothing quite like kicking back on a porch or deck with a glass or four of something worth drinking…provided the insects are kept in check.

  4. In Vermont I feel like I’m holding my breath at this point, waiting for the snow to be gone. Today some of the yard is brownish slush where the dogs like to play. Uhoh! Now comes Mud Season with constant dog bathing, scrubbing the tub, washing every towel and blanket in the house over and over. Sounds like whining, but it’s really a celebration. So worth it!

  5. Sailboat racing on inland lakes.
    Swimming ditto.
    Outdoor potluck barbecue picnic in nice park.
    Taking a gaggle of kids to gather wild blackberries, making blackberry syrup, and eating it on vanilla ice-cream.
    Taking a gaggle of kids to the little Fourth-of-July carnival near my Iowa hometown
    Road trips with car camping

  6. As Kick gets a bit older and especially once she starts school, you’ll get this: getting the kids out the damn door in the morning in less than 15 minutes. I’m serious. I think it takes a six-year-old longer to get into all the layers required to deal with a winter say in Stockholm than it takes ISS astronauts to prepare for a spacewalk.

  7. As near as I can remember, it’s the same as my favorite cold weather activity: reading.

  8. Well, to be truly honest, book, lounger, beach, ocean. But if the activity involves actually being more active than turning pages, biking and camping.

  9. Crawling around on the ground, photographing insects, lizards, snakes and frogs. Hey, somebody has to do it! They don’t photograph themselves, you know.

  10. Baseball, though I’m too creaky to play it anymore (I’d probably pull four or five muscles just swinging the bat).

  11. Hiking the high country in the Olympic Mountains. Right now there’s a lot of snow, maybe six or seven feet of it, but it will melt, and we will follow in its wake. The summer season is short, but by late June we’ll be exploring the Hurricane Hill and Klahane Ridge trails looking at the wild flowers as they cycle from phlox to asters. Then, sometime in November, the snows will come and we’ll be exiled to the lowlands again.

  12. I bought a recumbent tadpole trike just before fall and the freeze set in. I intend to ride that MOFO to Slater and back.

  13. Warm weather?
    In Dallas, we go from ice storm central to heat-kill-an-unprotected-human in about two weeks.

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