Mad Men Thread: Scout’s Honor


I’m in the minority among the Mad Men punditocracy (at least the ones I read) about this episode. They’ve been complaining about the episodic nature of The Runaways, it may be true but it doesn’t bother me a bit. The best thing about Mad Men has always been the moments and this episodic episode is full of them. I suspect they’ll be tied together momentarily…

It’s random and scattershot comment time, but first a picture of the Draper siblings:


5 thoughts on “Mad Men Thread: Scout’s Honor

  1. “I’m not stupid. I speak Italian.”
    One of the best lines of the whole series.

  2. People didn’t like this episode? I LOVED this episode. Things happened! To people!
    I’m a bad person for how hard I laughed at the Ginsberg thing. “Peggy … we have to reproduce.” And then it was the lawnmower all over again.

  3. @ A: I know I was shocked. I thought it was entertaining as all get out and set the stage for the rest of the series. It inspired me to write way too long a post too. Guess that’s the downside.

  4. That’s it, I’m never going to another country that doesn’t show MAD MEN. Or at least stay at a hotel that can’t get AMC. Whatever. Finally saw the episode last night thus releasing me from my self imposed MAD MEN punditocrocy exile. Who knew the first time I didn’t read the Monday morning quarterbacking I’d get a shout out.
    Oh Ginsberg we hardly knew ya. Then again we did really know you if we were watching closely. He was always wound too tight, from that Holocaust inspired fairy tale ad to his machine bashing tantrums this season. Though did you notice his watching Not My Problem and Cutlet was shot for shot the same as HAL watching Poole and Bowman in 2001? Guess they couldn’t get enough 2001 references in last week.
    As much as “I’m not stupid, I speak Italian” is a great line, my line of the week has to be “Peggy we need to reproduce”. Oh if only he knew who she HAD reproduced with I think he would have presented her with an even more personal body part. And just when is that now nearly ten year old child going to come back into play? I know it’s not Julio, though he’s the obvious substitute.
    Another Sharon Tate red herring: Stephanie says the father of her child would kill someone to stay in jail if he knew she was pregnant. Like maybe the woman whose check with her name and address he took from our little hippie chick? Just saying.
    I take issue with those who say Don broke the rules in jumping into the pitch meeting. He wasn’t alone with the client, he didn’t initiate the meeting, he wasn’t drinking, and arguably he stayed on script. Of course any ad agency taking on a cigarette client in 1969 is going to run head on into the TV and radio ban coming in the next year or so. Hmm, so let SC&P mortgage themselves to get a dead weight client while Don skips happily off to LA with Ted, Pete, Harry, and GM. Though Harry will grouse the feds killed his beautiful media plan. Maybe he’ll shave his sideburns in protest.
    Don whistling for his cab was the sweetest sound this season. I think he’s more than Underdog; he’s Ben Grimm, The Thing. As Ben would say: “It’s clobberin’ time!”

  5. welp. i’d love it if every episode was complicated as this one. i had to watch it again just to catch what i missed three seconds before. i thought the best part was the convo between mommy dearest Betty and seriel killer Sally. clearly she’s a chip of the ole block.. a little of both, how dreadful.
    do you know what bothers me? Joan. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? i adore that woman and i don’t understand why they haven’t given her a storyline this season ~ as well as Roger. i just don’t get it.
    i’m off to make an Old Fashion while i sit quietly waiting for 9:00. i’ll secretly giggle thinking maybe this will be the episode where whiny baby Megan will be killed off in a home invasion orchatrated by prego hippie chick Stephanie. party invites to go out on monday.

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