The Coming Government Takeover

This is the part of the fantasy I will never understand: 

The United States still has the most powerful military in the world despite the damage done to it in recent years, so any action-movie scenario of rugged stubble-chinned men with their automatic weapons standing in front of the women-folk at the doors of their homes facing down the 1st Infantry is, of course, just that: a stale movie script.

The cherished terror of a great left-wing conspiracy and its secret army assumes that the hapless and hemorrhaging federal government, which could not keep Bradley Manning or Ed Snowden quiet, is capable of keeping this army and these plans secret. Another summer blockbuster.

Okay, so you're a survivalist militiaman who's dreamed of the apocalypse since you were a wee little paranoid (mostly because then all those cheerleaders who wouldn't look twice at you before will have to fuck you for their daily bread), and it's finally here. 

Does your dumb ass really think the president's gonna leave the drones in the garage? 

Or the 82nd Airborne?

Or, you know, the TANKS?

Unless your very detailed fantasy includes some Skynet- Independence Day-type deal where you can upload  a virus from a fucking MacBook into "the system" and bring down all aircraft and shut off all the missile silos or something, I really think the smart money's on the president no matter how many rocket launchers you buy at the gun show this weekend. 

I mean, you will never even hear the drones over your house until you and your "off the grid" compound are a hole in the mountain, should your war come to pass. This isn't the 50s. The infantry will only really be needed to shoot the wounded. 


2 thoughts on “The Coming Government Takeover

  1. Yes, absolutely, but I think the fantasy isn’t really about the government…it’s about libruls.
    Just my opinion, but I also think for a fair number of wingers, the Iraq war was the same. The Iraqis were never more than backdrop/prop/extras.
    Reality’s not much of a strong suit for these folks…

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