NOLA Notes: Shakedown Street

What do former Virginia Gov. Sponge Bob McDonnell and former New Orleans mayor C Ray (The Walking Id) Nagin have in common? They’re both cheap bastards who have never picked up a check in their lives and feel that they’re entitled to free shit including money, money, money.Don’t give me that do good goody good bullshit.

The #nagintrial gets more interesting every day. It has kept me glued to the Twittah. The Feds case is looking more and more like a steamroller and C Ray and his attorney, Robert Jenkins are getting flattened like Wile E Coyote. The latter is an experienced and competent trail lawyer, so I’m sure that he urged C Ray to cop a plea but the latter was too cocky and/or stupid to cut his losses. Ray Ray thinks he’s bullet proof. Nobody is.

The shit really hit the fan yesterday; so much so that Picayune refugee Gordon Russell wrote 2 stories for the Advocate on different aspects of the trial. One was about C Ray leeching off his friends, associates and anyone possible to “supplement” his income. Poor baby only made $150K, man. Too little, man.

The other story inspired this post title. It’s about how C Ray used his office to coerce Home Depot into giving the ill-fated family firm, Stone Age Granite, a contract that they would have never gotten otherwise. It was a shakedown and it seems as if Nagin spent much of his tenure as Mayor living and working on Shakedown Street.

The trial has given many of us flashbacks. The merry band of NOLA bloggers, or blogpocheh in Liprap’s phrase, were in the thick of things in those days. I’m not sure if it’s giving me PTSD or a bad case of old fartism but our Mayor was milking every cash cow he could while his constituents were on their knees after Katrina and the Federal Flood. Selfish, greedy, heartless, stupid bastard.

Nagin seems on his way to being convicted and getting buried under the slammer. All I can say is that it’s a good thing that he looks good in orange.

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