People Like, Pay for Print, Part the Infinity

But hey, just keep yelling DIGITAL PARADIGM. I'm sure one of these days it'll relate to the actual facts: 

This week, The Times-Picayune of New Orleans announced that its home-delivery subscribers, who were cut back to three days a week in the fall of 2012, would be getting two “bonus” home-delivered papers — Saturdays and Mondays — at least through the end of football season this year. Also, the paper would switch back to a broadsheet format every day, dropping the tabloid editions it had introduced last year.

Apparently this is part of the "start-up culture" in which it's okay to flail from one thing to the next without any regard for customers and what they want, or any fear of looking like total idiots. 

We’re adding two bonus days during football season because we know readers will welcome having their hometown newspaper with Saints, LSU, Tulane, college and high school football and NFL coverage delivered to their doorsteps during football season. However, home delivery 7 days a week is not a sustainable business long term. We plan to serve the New Orleans area over the long term.

"Giving you what you want this one time doesn't mean we're dumb enough to do that ALL THE TIME. God."


7 thoughts on “People Like, Pay for Print, Part the Infinity

  1. The Oregonian–which we subscribed to for more than 20 years–changed to a tabloid, not-every-day home delivery plan last fall. We dropped it after a month, once they broke us of the habit of reading it every morning.
    Then, a few months back, they started showing up on our door (after several entreaties to get us to resubscribe at reduced rates). We thought at first they were some kind of glitch in the subscription system, but they kept coming. Barbara started to worry that they were going too charge us for them, but I knew that wasn’t going to fly. Eventually–after more than four months of the paper coming four times a week, she called them and was told it was part of their marketing strategy to former customers. So now we get the paper (what there is of it, anyway) for free.
    If they were losing money before, I fail to see how their new “digital” strategy can possibly be anything but far less profitable.

  2. I have a bad habit (that I enjoy) of comparing newspaper coverage. It takes a lot of time and I can’t do a proper job from Wisconsin and so I’ll quit now, but for what it’s worth…
    Seems like Advocate is delivering some depth in a 7 day/week paper while also holding its own in the most sacred of categories: football. If I had time I’d love to compare coverage on the Helis proposal to frack Tammany Parish. has written over double what Advocate has on the topic. [5,490/2,080]
    Today Advocate has a story on Army Corp of engineers asking for a revised permit for the Helis project in Tammany while Instead of that, ran a story on the Corp denying Katrina claims.
    Advocate has on its site front page 6 stories on corrupt and/or shady gov’t practices (4 cops, 1 judge, 1 DA). NOLA has an editorial on traffic court and “LSU Alumni Association president alleged to have paid off employee after sexual relationship ended her job, according to lawsuit”.
    Advocate has 13 links to football stories this morning while T.P. has 11. Advocate has 5 pics of football players on the front page and live updates about LSU practice while T.P. has live updates on today’s Saint’s practice and has fewer football pics. (Update: while I wrote this added more pictures of football. They now have 7. Football!)
    While Advocate has a subject header at top for Common Core, makes it easier to forget it. You have to do a search to find older stories.
    Seems like both papers have less political coverage than Wisconsin papers that I read. Damn. Wish I had the paper editions in my hands, now.

  3. Is Times-Picayune maybe adding more newspapers cuz another paper is stepping in and doing sports better? Behemoths like Advance are much like a political party, waking only if somebody starts treading in their territory.

  4. Two bonus days during football season? Just great! I care nothing about football, unless the Saints make it to the playoffs, which is the only time I watch. We ditched the Picayune a sort time after they stopped 7-day delivery. We were already subscribed to the Advocate, so we now receive the Advocate’s New Orleans edition and the local Daily Comet. Every now and then I get an email appeal from the Picayune, but I ain’t buying.

  5. Said flailing including firing a bunch of people who help make what customers want, of course. So the Newhouses can add maybe another million to their billions and billions in personal wealth.

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