Cantor Loses To A Sausage

It's been a glorious evening at Adrastos World HQ. First, my adopted NBA playoffs team, the San Antonio Spurs, opened a can of whoop ass on the Miami Heat to tale  a 2-1 lead in the NBA Finals. Second, the arrogant, smug, dickish House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost to some wingnutty college professor named David Brat. Some pundits insist that it happened because of immigration, but Cantor ignored his district whilst casting a lustful eye on the Speakership. Btw, House Republicans lost their only non-Christian tonight but they gained a sausage. Talk about getting porked…

7 thoughts on “Cantor Loses To A Sausage

  1. Re: Cantor. The odd thing about this is that it wasn’t even close–Brat pummeled Cantor 56-43. This may be an indication that VA is going insane again, not that Cantor was any great shakes, but, rather, that the tea partiers are a lot stronger than realized.
    But, just what Congress needed–one more unguided missile (I’m presuming that the Republican nominee will win in a Republican district in November, even if he is just another right-wing nutball).

  2. I think this is my favorite comment on the whole thing, besides all the “sausagefest” jokes:
    How will an institution full of ambitious pricks, most of whom would stab their own mother in the back to get a chance at moving up, process their grief over the loss of the head prick in charge?
    Because, yeah.

  3. When Teahadists go to the polls, they always pull the lever for the wurst candidate.

  4. Atrios made the point that if you’re in the power structure (like the House Majority leader), you should be bringing home the bacon. While votes to “repeal” “Obamacare” might succor the savage beasts of the right, they don’t guide more federal spending to a district or create any jobs. In their zeal to create a “safe” district for Cantor, Virginia Republicans may have left him vulnerable to this kind of insurgent candidacy from the whackaloon right. Oopsie.
    The District apparently tilts heavily Republican; but that may not pave the way for a Brat victory in November if he’s too whacko or if Republican enthusiasm is dampened. It might be worth a few dollars from the DCCC to support Jack Trammel.

  5. I forgot to mention that Dr A’s sister lives in that district. I think that Trammel has an *outside* chance if Brat doesn’t suck up to suburban moderates. He’s still a long shot but he has a chance at grilling Brat.

  6. The most shocking thing that I’m seeing about Brat (a professor of economics) was that after his primary victory, asked some basic questions about his platform including economic issues, announced that he hasn’t formulated a platform yet.

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